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Affordable interior designer & Decorator

Unlike traditional interior designers, I'm extremely cost-effective and resourceful with your budget and I don't select exorbitant, overpriced items & charge you mark ups. I always try to find quality, in-stock items that you approve so there are no scary surprises!  Items you can get without delays. I can even work mostly with what you have to dramatically enhance your space or start from scratch if you're ready. I can work with most any size budget!  One room or an entire home!
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Most Popular Interior Design Packages

In-Home Design Consultation $300

(with Detailed Recommendations Checklist)

Most clients start with an in-home Design Consultation, unless they have a specific room or project in mind. 

How it works:

I request photos in advance and then tour your home and review up to  5 spaces in person, assessing your needs and making recommendations for your space. Includes 5 areas of your home. Then I email you a comprehensive written checklist with my recommendations within 1-2 days so you can improve your space on your own. From there, some clients will purchase more hours of help while others will choose to tackle the checklist on their own. Can be used for paint color questions as well. 


  • Reviewing your photos 

  • An In-home visit, tour and discussion of up to 5 spaces

  • A comprehensive checklist of my recommendations specific to your home 

  • Tips and tricks for maximizing your decor budget 

  • Total Time: 2.5 hours 

In-Home Renovation Selections Package $500 

 (With Digital "Look Board" and Detailed Paint Plan)

Avoid costly mistakes and long delays by hiring professional to help with your renovation. 

How it works:

I request photos in advance and start thinking of you your needs. Then I visit your space and we discuss your preferences and project. I then help you plan your paint colors, finishes, selections, needs, etc. and create a comprehensive “look board and paint plan so you can see how all of your items work together. This helps homeowners proceed with their project with confidence!  (Up to 3 spaces)


  • Reviewing your photos

  • An in-home visit touring up to three spaces

  • A digital "look board" for your interior selections and paint plan 

  • A list of recommendations & tips specific to your project 

  • Answering quick questions during your renovation so you don't get stuck.

  • Total Time: 4 hours 


If you need more rooms, I can provide a custom estimateDoes not include interior decorating questions, Rooms that are extra large may be counted as two rooms.  Questions will be answered for up to 30 days.

Pick Your Project 

I'm happy to provide free estimates to any of the projects below. I will give you an estimate based on my hourly rate. $100/hr.  A typical room design will be 5-12 hours of time, depending on size and needs. 

Whole Home Design/Decorating

I love new move ins, merging households, revamping or sprucing up your look, and finding creative and cost-effective ways to maximize your budget and make your home look amazing.

Room by Room Design/Decorating

Let me help with your problem areas; living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, home offices, entryways, family rooms, media rooms, game rooms, bath & kitchen help. 

Room Spruce up and Styling  

If you have a drab, cluttered or outdated room, let me help. I'll tell you what to keep, what to change, what to de-clutter, and how to drastically improve your space. Then I come by and style it all for a dramatic improvement for a reasonable cost. 


Styling & Finishing Touches

Want your home to look like a beautiful and cozy model home? Let me help you with all those niceties and finishing touches that you see in a well-designed home.  

Affordable Draperies (non-custom) 

Shhhhhh! They look custom but they're not and are just a fraction of the cost! My clients are amazed how adding drapes in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms can make a dramatic difference in their homes! 


Merging New and Old Items

Keeping some things, but need some new items too?  Merging households? This is my jam! You won't believe how I can work mostly with what you already have and bring in a few new pieces and accents to personalize and pretty up your space. 

Renovation Guidance and Finishes Selections

Let me guide you during the process and help you choose paint colors, finishes, flooring, hardware, backsplash, and lighting looks to avoid costly mistakes and surprises. I create a comprehensive “look board”  so you can see how all of your items and color scheme will work beautifully together. Plus, I can be on standby to answer any tricky questions that always come up during your project. I have a lot of experience with renovations and can help you avoid mistakes. (See my package above for small renovations) 

Ask About Virtual Services  

If you prefer to maximize your design hours by having a specific project done virtually (less hours because there are no home visits) I can customize an affordable package for you as well using your photos and videos.  

  • In-home consultations with recommendations

  • Renovations selections help

  • Merging households

  • New move-in decorating 

  • Whole home or room by room design 

  • Finishing touches using mostly what you have

  • Renovation or new build selections & help

  • Shelf styling, gallery walls, accessorizing help

  • Virtual projects 

  • Living areas, kitchens & baths, bedrooms, game rooms, entryway decor & styling

  • Merging existing decor with new items

  • Affordable drapery tricks that look custom

  • Home styling & staging (using your items)

  • Quick & easy room revamps/spruce ups

  • Teens, kids and babies' rooms

  • Home decor shopping & consultant

  • Accessorizing built-ins and other areas

  • Other special projects 



Text or email me at 281.827.0801. I'm excited to hear about your project! 


Katrina Katsarelis 

Interior Designer

Yellow Rose Design

281-827-0801 (call or text) (email) 

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