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In-Home Consultation with Recommendations $300

In-Home Interior Design Consultation (with Recommendations Checklist)

Cost: $300

Most clients start with this package because it is my most affordable option and a great way to know how to immediately improve your spaces. I request photos in advance and then tour your home and review up to  5 spaces in person, assessing your needs and making recommendations for your space. (If you need a few more rooms toured, no problem, but I will only focus my written recommendations on your main 5 areas so I can stay within our time limit.) Then I email you a comprehensive written checklist with my recommendations within 1-2 days so you can improve your space on your own. From there, some clients will purchase more hours of help while others will choose to tackle the checklist on their own. 

Not a Design Pitche or Presentation

Many interior designers will to sit you down for a full presentation & sales pitch at the in-home consultation, which is NOT my business model. Our meeting will be a hands-on tour, where we walk through your home together and I give you immediate and specific written recommendations that you can actually implement on your own, or choose to add more hours if you prefer more help.

Time allotment:  1 to 1.5 hours in your home and 1 - 2 hours processing and compiling my recommendations that are specific to only your home.  (3 hours total time)

Cinco Ranch Living Room

Budget Friendly & Fast!

"I absolutely loved working with Yellow Rose Design! Katrina  transformed my living room and dining room in a budget-friendly and timely manner! I can’t wait to work with her again!" - Samira 

  • In-home consultations with recommendations

  • Whole home or room by room design 

  • Finishing touches using mostly what you have

  • Renovation or new build selections & help

  • Shelf styling, gallery walls, accessorizing help

  • Virtual projects 

  • Living areas, kitchens & baths, bedrooms, game rooms, entryway decor & styling

  • Merging existing decor with new items

  • Affordable drapery tricks that look custom

  • Home styling & staging (using your items)

  • Quick & easy room revamps/spruce ups

  • Teens, kids and babies' rooms

  • Home decor shopping & consultant

  • Accessorizing built-ins and other areas

  • Other special projects 


Ask About Virtual Design Services  

If you prefer to maximize your design hours by having a specific project done virtually (less hours because there are no home visits) I can customize a package for you as well. 

Schedule your consultation

Text or email me at 281.827.0801. I'm excited to hear about your project! 


Katrina Katsarelis 

Interior Designer

Yellow Rose Design

281-827-0801 (call or text) (email) 

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