Living Rooms & Dining Rooms

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Katy Living Room Designer Katy TX
Comfortable, livable, stylish 

By creating unique focal points and considering natural flow patterns of the room,  I create beautiful spaces that are most importantly designed to be both functional and comfortable.  Whether you love bold colors, neutrals or monochromatic spaces, I can effectively work with every type of style choice and color scheme guiding you through your options and process. 

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Discover your look

During our discussions and meetings, I can help you find the style and look you're dreaming of (even if you don't know what it is yet). I'm skilled at guiding homeowners in creating unique spaces that work well for your family for years to come.  

Modern Farmhouse Yellow Rose Design Katy TX
Yellow Rose Design Katy TX
Dining Area Design

Whether you need a formal living room or a small breakfast nook designed or staged, I can help you transform your space into a stunning and elegant space with all the finishing touches. 

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