Yellow Rose Design Gallery | Bilberry Woods storybook character greeting cards by Laura Mirjami

Yellow Rose Design is a small publishing business showcasing the card designs of Artist Faisal Khouja and Author/Designer Laura Mirjami.

 Laura Mirjami

Laura Mirjami

 Faisal Khouja

Faisal Khouja


We use the name “Yellow Rose Design” for our business in memory of Faisal’s late father who always had a fresh yellow rose in the lapel of his blazer.

We have been producing art for over 15 years and during the end of 2016 we decided we had so many styles of artwork we loved creating that the Greeting card world would be a great place to share our work with the public. The initial trials were positive and we found that people really responded well to our fun, bold and quirky Art cards which, while quite niche, provided stockists with a refreshing addition to their existing greeting card ranges.

Both of us have designed cards that are heavily inspired by both the Natural World and by our own strong imagination. In addition Laura uses characters from her Bilberry Woods storybooks to illustrate her cards and bring a certain cuteness to the greeting card messages.

Our studios are currently based in Gloucestershire and we both enjoy visiting all parts of the British Isles and in particular areas where there are independent shops, Art centres or places of great Natural beauty to inspire our future designs!

We enjoy working with independent traders as well as larger companies.

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